A Few Words About us

Praytna is an Online Assessment Platform for Teachers which enriching your exam practice using the online exam facilities made available. It’s not just online software, but provide an encouraging environment with great features to make practice and assessment easier for students and institutes.

Praytna.com provides an open online test practice platform to the students of schools & colleges, entrance tests, and banks, other popular government exams for different job vacancies. The futuristic approach implied on this dynamic platform is building a community of the students from masses of the society, as well as the professional and legends, from the community of subject experts very successfully.

We believe that praytna.com is contributing big to boost the education industry by complimenting through the assessment facilities provided to the students and the job aspirants as well as by providing the exposure to the subject experts among the community which is looking for them.

Our site provides real-time updates for the most popular tests, currently trending tests form different classes/subjects, and these top 3 students of each test, etc. This provides the exposures to both the students and the test creators and professionals/institutes.

The objective of our praytna.com is to encourage the students and aspirants to come and practice their studies with our online test series most of them are completely free. We also have some other encouraging policies like announcing some rewards and recognization programs time by time for various paid/free test series prepared by the subjects experts.

Why Use Praytna

Use Praytna to sharpen your exam preparation and become part of a wide community of students and professionals.

Our Mission

To provide a solid platform to the community of students and subject experts which make their efforts recognized and rewarded globally.

How to use

Just get registered for free and update your profile. Search and attempt the tests related to your area of interest.

Our Advantages

Simple yet intelligent Exam preparation

The Praytna users are provided a very simplified mechanism to generate tests using a quick test maker which automatically picks questions from the question bank based on the parameters selected by the user. This mechanism is made so intelligent so that it can prepare the personalized practice tests based on the previous performances and the parameters focused on the students.

Exam software with perfection

We believe that nothing is perfect forever. So a constant development is a basic feature for claiming perfection. Our innovative technical experts work constantly with the subject experts to make this more accurate and useful online exam platform day by day. In this course, we are constantly releasing the new updates and versions of the solution to match the future scopes in advance.

Quality question bank

At Praytna we are working closely with a team of subject experts. All questions and solutions in our question bank are designed by top exam experts by following practices and patterns based on the latest standards and actual exam level. We also work with industry experts from the education and training industry to keep the most relevant material available based on the ground reality.

Personalized and detailed analysis

Our detailed results with the answer explanation feature allow the students and trainees to Know their weaknesses, strengths, and guide them to decide there future strategies and the areas of focus that are needed to improve their exam performance, score, and rank. Our advanced analytical reports are even more helpful and simple which are available with the prime membership holders.


At Praytha we believe that the language shouldn’t be a barrier to learning. Following this ideology we provide the feature add a question in different versions for multiple languages. the test creators can create a multilingual test by picking the question with multiple language versions from the question bank and the students are allowed to choose the language of their own preference while starting a test attempt.

Multi-device compatibility

The Praytna website has a responsive user interface that brings the ability to adjust the User interface to support different devices with different screen types and sizes. The User components can rearrange themselves for small devices like mobiles and tablets as well as big-screen devices from laptops to projector screens. It’s also very lightweight software so it can run flawlessly on small devices with fewer resources like mobile and tablets.

Our Vision

Praytna is a perfect platform for gaining and enriching your exam practice using the online exam facilities made available. It’s not just an online software, but provides and encouraging environment with great features to make practice and assessment easier for students and institutes.