Adhyashakti Academy

Adhyashakti Academy is set up with an aim to provide coaching to the students who are dedicated and want to achieve excellence. We possess an unmatched record of providing coaching to numerous students and we are excelling in their lives. This institution is appreciated by students for its unique teaching technique for making the process of learning simpler.

As a leading institute, we believe that change and innovation are the keys to success and we follow the principle in letter and spirit. An institute, where today’s students become tomorrow’s efficient and successful professionals, who are driven by a passion to discover, innovate, and create opportunities not only for self-development but also for society.

We strive for incomparable quality and utmost professionalism. We insist on maintaining our reputation as a quality education & training. At Adhyashakti Academy, we believe that education is not limited to academics. We believe in providing our students with holistic life experiences. And with our carefully planned facilities and activities that are built into the campus routine, we make sure our students become responsible human beings and are prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Our aim is to make the educational journey of the students stress-free and enjoyable, but at the same time focus-driven and disciplined. Our vision to make quality education easily available for all. We know long-lasting trust and honest work with students is key to success for both students and the Academy.

Address: Shivlal Patel House, Vasanwalo Delo, Bambakhana Street, Mamakotha Road , Bhavnagar, Gujarat, 1 - 364001 .


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