Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy started functioning in the year 2014 aims at providing competitive quality education which creates not only a brilliant student but also an individual with high leadership skills and spiritual excellence.

Brilliance Academy is primarily known for providing IIT JEE Main and Advanced and pre-medical entrance exam coaching to high school students. The faculty members are qualified and have years of experience in their field. The institute also has courses that integrate the school exam syllabus with entrance exam coaching so that the students can do well in their board exams too. Therefore, it is an institute that has a holistic approach to education.

Our mission is to Empower the educated students and inspire and motivate them to secure jobs based on their qualifications so that they can make use of their capabilities in the best possible way and become a wonderful success in life.

We strive for incomparable quality and utmost professionalism. We insist on maintaining our reputation as a quality education & training. At Brilliance Academy, we believe that education is not limited to academics. We believe in providing our students with holistic life experience. And with our carefully planned facilities and activities that are built into the campus routine, we make sure our students become responsible human beings and are prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Why Choose Brilliance Academy?

  1. No Luck, only Hard work
  2. Compulsory P.T.M. on every last Sunday of Month
  3. Compulsory mock & written test are held every month
  4. Extra Attention provided to weak students
  5. Home tutors available
  6. Experienced Faculty
  7. Best Result

Address: E247, Ekta Nagar , Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, 1 - 243005 .


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