Chanakya Career Academy

Chanakya Career Academy was started in the year 2012 with the noble cause of training the civil service aspirants in a focused manner and preparing them for facing the land’s highest examination. Chanakya Career Academy is a leading educational institution in India. The students are furnished with aides enhanced with simple and troublesome questions.

At the Chanakya Career Academy, Competition Exams coaching is provided under the guidance of experts, so as to help young students to realize their ambitions. We offer Knowledge enhancement along with the overall development of personality and strengthening of the foundation on which student can build their rock-solid future and career.

Chanakya Career Academy is a place that spurs students' skills and inspires students to attain a level. We provide an environment intimate enough to engage and challenge each student individually. Our motto is to provide the best teaching to the students. We have a huge list of impressive successes of students.

Education is a primary ingredient and also a key to success in any profession. With a booming economy and a young population, there is a tremendous need for quality education to equip this population with skills to handle assignments that spring from such a growing economy like ours.

Our mission is to impart knowledge, attitude, honesty, Humanism, workmanship, determination, commitment, values, and morality inside the aspirants dreaming to be part of administrative services.

Our aim is to contribute honest and strong officers to add values to society and respect the constitution of India. Our vision is to provide a tailored learning environment with ideological independence for fulfilling the dreams of aspirants and craft their success stories.

Address: 309/310/311, New Sankalp Complex Nr. Bus Stand, above Dr. Dobaria Children Hospital , Junagadh, Gujarat, 1 - 362001 .


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