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Delegate Group Tuition formula for success is based on the belief that there is a winner in every student waiting to be discovered. Delegate Group Tuition brings together the most eminent trainers, the most comprehensive study material, and a highly-focused, uniquely intensive training methodology. We, at Delegate Group Tuition strongly believe that a blend of conceptual knowledge and the right approach is essential for the overall development of an individual and immensely important to make him successful in the competitive world.

Delegate Group Tuition, Bhavnagar, Shivaji Circle provides Coaching for Class XI-XII, Class I - X in Bhavnagar. Delegate Group Tuition is best known for its Class XI-XII Coaching and Ranks #8 in Class XI-XII Coachings in Bhavnagar.

We strive for incomparable quality and utmost professionalism. We insist on maintaining our reputation as a quality education & training. At Delegate Group Tuition, we believe that education is not limited to academics. We believe in providing our students with holistic life experiences. And with our carefully planned facilities and activities that are built into the campus routine, we make sure our students become responsible human beings and are prepared for the challenges of the real world.

The Institute aims at providing the best education available in some of the best institutes of Bhavnagar and further arouse in them a keen thirst for knowledge and learning. It endeavors’ to foster and develop in children the habit to think clearly and independently and the capacity to express themselves effectively and unambiguously. Emphasis is laid on character building, self-discipline, and the development of the creative and social faculties in this Institute.

Address: 1st Floor, 02, Sumeru Complex, City Ring Road, Shivaji Circle , Bhavnagar, Gujarat, 1 - 364001 .


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