Destiny Science Class

Destiny Science Class is known for the good quality Edition. Destiny Science Class provides good quality materials and a good environment for the student. It situated in Bhavnagar and near to all good schools. They provide good facilities to the students for their bright future. In the Coaching Classes, good environment and good structure of the class and they use for a good education.

Destiny Science Class is an esteemed name amongst leading educational groups in India. Starting its journey in the year 2011, Destiny Science Class has today spread its wings. At this Institute, the students are furnished with aides enhanced with simple and troublesome questions. The study material is given by the foundation and covers all the real focuses and schedules on which students need to think and follow. We give both weekdays and end of the week training and have diverse clusters for them. The faculties provide appropriate direction and mentorship to the students.

As an institution, Destiny Science Class believes in building the leadership skills of our pupils by developing their individuality and discovering their potential. Students are geared to be creative lifelong learners and adapt to meet the challenges of life. As advances in educational science happen, so does the Institute undergo constant evolution.

Our Mission is to help create a just and fair society in which all students have the educational and personal opportunities that will allow them to become successful and satisfied participants in family and civic life. At the center of our mission is the belief that each student is different. Each of our students is a star. And in each of these stars, there is a sparkle that shines. Therefore, the best service we can do is to help develop that unique spark that a student possesses. Developing a nurturing environment to flourish, grow, and enhance self-growth. Providing academic excellence in a stimulating environment. Working in collaboration to develop adaptability and team spirit.

Address: UL 34/35, PATTANI, Nilambaug Circle , Bhavnagar, Gujarat, 1 - 364001 .


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