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Easymem is a private Online Education System founded in 2006. Currently, we are presenting a service in Gujarat. Easymem is located in Bhavnagar (Gujarat, India) and own and operated by Sangeeta Chauhan. Our main goal is to provide Education (GSEB, CBSE, ICSE, University, and Other Subjects) at home. We provide Standard - 1 to 12, Diploma-Degree level, graduation level, Competitive -Exam, I.T.I trade's, Post-graduation level coaching at your home with extra subjects.

We guide every part of easymem.net's culture, relationships, teaching, and learning programs and practices. Moreover, in the future, the site will provide education about the subjects like E-library, CCC, Tally, Internet, Hardware-Software, General Knowledge, Music, Drawing, Dance, Cooking, Languages, Yoga-Meditation, Stories, Etc.

We believe that each child is precious and unique and has the right to grow and learn emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually at his or her own rate. Our goal is to prepare your children for the future in a loving and developmentally appropriate environment. We focus not only on education but also on the emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development of each child.

Easymem is committed to high-quality teaching and learning facilities for each student to realize their full potential with a supportive and collegial relationship. We are committed to enhancing the taking care of attention and facilities. We are committed to providing the opportunity for quantity and quality learning in an ideal way. We are committed to conducting the test series in an actual environment of School and Board Exams. We are committed to representing the most difficult topic in a simplified and easy form with the help of hand-outs, summarized notes, and other study materials.

Address: G/8, Eva Surbhi, Waghawadi Road , Bhavnagar, Gujarat, 1 - 364002 .


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