Empirical Institute

Empirical Institute was founded in 2015. This Institute is located at Khandwa. We provide coaching classes for mechanical engineering and computer science engineering etc.

We focus on making a strong academic foundation for every student. At times of deteriorating standards of education and money-minded institutes, we strive to bring out the best in a student with proper subject guidance and help them boost their confidence levels. Our logic-based approach and well-researched teaching material help students grasp the concepts easily and faster.

Our Mission is to help create a just and fair society in which all students have the educational and personal opportunities that allow them to become successful and satisfied participants in family and civic life. At the center of our mission is the belief that each student is different. Each of our students is a star. And in each of these stars, there is a sparkle that shines. Therefore, the best service we can do is to help develop that unique spark that a student possesses. Developing a nurturing environment to flourish, grow, and enhance self-growth. Providing academic excellence in a stimulating environment. Working in collaboration to develop adaptability and team spirit.

Address: 185, Pardesipura Road, Badabum Chowk , Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, 1 - 450001 .


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