Green Hills International School

Green Hills International School was established in 2018. At Green Hills International School, students excel academically and personally in a safe, caring, and vibrant learning community. We create energizing, engaging, and empowering learning experiences that foster a love for learning and prepare students for the future in a continuously changing world. Preparing students for the uncertainties of our future world is a challenge that we embrace at GHIS by developing critical thinking skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, resilience, and collaboration to solve real-world problems.

We provide our students with engaging and challenging learning opportunities while encouraging them to do their personal best in every area of life. Students and teachers set goals, and teachers track students’ academic progress to help them achieve goals. We inspire students to reach their full potential, identify and develop interests and talents, and become independent and self-reliant individuals. We help students develop excellent social skills, understanding and management of emotions, and healthy friendships.

Our active High School Prefects and Student Council at all grade levels foster student agency, leadership, and voice. In addition, students have many opportunities in classes and extracurricular activities to develop artistic, cultural, sporting, creative, and leadership skills that will serve them well during their time at GHA and beyond.

Address: Shyam Nagar Society, Kamrej, Opposite Pasodara Patiya , Surat, Gujarat, 1 - 394185 .


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