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Jainam Classes was established in the year 1994. This Coaching Class comprises a group of well-known educationists, who have made significant contributions in the field of education in the competitive sectors. Jainam Classes, Jamnagar, Park Colony provides Coaching for CMAT, BCom, Class I - X, Class XI-XII in Jamnagar. It also has its presence in Jaipur. Jainam Classes is best known for its CMAT Coaching and Ranks #2 in CMAT Coachings in Jamnagar. For a better coaching experience, Jainam Classes also provides Printed Notes, Doubt Sessions, and Periodic Performance Tests.

We offer Knowledge enhancement along with the overall development of personality and strengthening of the foundation on which student can build their rock-solid future and career. The trust and credibility of Jainam Classes are not earned in a day or in months, this is the outcome of the unmatched efforts and innovative teaching techniques of our faculties for the last some years. We have the aim to develop a competitive attitude amongst the student along with a sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention as the hallmark.

Our Mission helps the students to meet the challenged ambiance with constant endurance and perseverance to lay an incredible landmark on our concrete planning of fidelity. We proceed forward with strong determination for achieving the goal of success and leave no stone behind at any turning of crucial confronts. Our aim is to promote a system of integral education in a congenial child-friendly environment that emphasizes the unity of all knowledge, synthesizes humanity and sciences, and recognizes the fact that each child is unique. We believe that education should enable the students to soar high - morally, socially, and spiritually.

Address: Sardar Patel Bhavan, Rameshwar Nagar, Near City Bus Stand , Jamnagar, Gujarat, 1 - 361008 .


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