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Naitik Scientific Coaching & Classes has been established in Chitrakoot in 2015 with a vision to shape the career of the middle-level school students of class VIII to X Classes. At Naitik Scientific Coaching & Classes, we not only provide a platform for school education but also offer an environment that enables our students to build a strong foundation on their strengths and interests.

Our major goal is to help students attain their goals in the shortest time and making the process as simple as possible. We work closely with students, parents, and school administrators, to identify student needs, which used to tailor a learning strategy for the student and also used to assess their progress. We also teach students how to effectively study, take notes during classes or lectures, as well as strategies on how to take tests. We offer top-notch tutoring in a wide range of courses and languages and help students prepare for any course or exam.

We understand that every person learns in a different way and has different capabilities – that’s why we offer bespoke lesson plans for all of our pupils, based on their own favored learning styles. We are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that each individual gets the educational experience they deserve. We also work to create a quality learning environment in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and learning. This has the effect of making our pupils more confident in their ability to pass whatever test is upcoming.

Address: Rod, Karwi Mafi, Near Gyan Bharti Inter College (Gol Talab) , Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, 1 - 210205 .


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