R.K. Tutorials

R.K. Tutorials was established in the year 2008 with the mission of enlightening I.T. student's future. It is a place where students can get master class training, teaching & leadership qualities. Here toppers produced frequently with quality teaching methods. R K Tutorials, Jamnagar, Patel Colony provides Coaching for MCA in Jamnagar. R K Tutorials is best known for its MCA Coaching and Ranks #1 in MCA Coachings in Jamnagar. This Tutorial focuses on providing the right education with an updated curriculum to its students.

R.K.Tutorials believes education is continuous learning in order to strengthen the mind and character of an individual. It is the process of accumulation of knowledge, skills, and values and transmitting them to our next generations to make them stand up to the challenges of the future. We have an unmatched record of providing education to numerous students and they are excelling in their fields. Our Tutorial is appreciated by students for employing unique teaching techniques for making the process of learning simpler and easier.

Our mission is to impart not just education, but also knowledge in scientific and practical ways to help students to understand the topic in an easy and simple way. Our students should be in a position to take decisions and tread upon a satisfying and enriching career path. Keeping individuality in mind, no single career path can suit all. We strive to make our students decide their calling in life as per what they have an aptitude for

Our facilities:

  1. Expert faculty with 10+ years of Experience
  2. The teaching of all subjects
  3. Teaching through projector
  4. Live practical demo
  5. Personal attention to all students
  6. Allocated personal computer to each student
  7. Free Wi-Fi

Address: Silver Plaza, Patel Colony-7, Near Deep Bhavan , Jamnagar, Gujarat, 1 - 361008 .


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