Shewerd Public School

Shewerd Public School, situated at Prem Nagar Bareilly, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh believes in providing academic excellence to our students. In order to achieve this, we have a team of dedicated teachers who channelize their energy and resources towards child-centered qualitative learning. We help students gain a strong foundation and develop into holistic beings. During these years, the smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by value-added education.

The school puts a strong emphasis on academic development and strives to prepare its children for the competitive world of tomorrow. To that effect, Shewerd has pioneered the use of technology for imparting education. We are dedicated to the excellence of knowledge and education & offer the best schooling experiences. We aim to give the best primary schooling for a stronger foundation by offering exclusive learning programs. We firmly believe that participation in sports is an essential part of the learning process of a child.

The school also conducts extra-curricular activities - yoga & meditation, specially designed for the students. We conduct various character-building activities for students to strengthen their morals effectively.

Why Choose Shewerd Public School?

  1. We are committed to the holistic development of each child through academic programs.
  2. We have developed an innovative approach to learning where students gain the skills they need to improve their lives.
  3. Students learn through inquiry, Making learning fun, and effective through innovative methodologies.

Address: Building no. 118, Premnagar, Near Divya Prakash Press , Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, 1 - 243005 .


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