Sorath International School

Sorath International School was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values, and ethos. This School is regarded as one of Gujarat's top International schools with its high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration, and global culture in every aspect of learning. Our aim to set unparalleled standards of excellence within the learning environment by creating an environment that provides challenging opportunities for its students. Students are able to share their experiences of a tremendous journey of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth.

SIS recognizes the importance of preserving the innate curiosity of a child throughout the learning years. We believe that children at this stage can develop a positive attitude towards learning if they are given an opportunity. They are empowered to use what they already know, to make connections and construct new meaning and understanding of education. Our Vision is to uplift and channelizes student’s potential through applied knowledge for inclusive and sustainable development of the Globe. The Sorath is home to a collaborative, supportive, diverse, and ever-growing community more like a family than a school. Sorath School prides itself on academic achievement and outcomes, global integration, faculty excellence, and a personalized approach to teaching and learning.

SIS depends on a strong management team, supportive and dedicated teachers, hard-working support and operational staff, and, of course, a great group of students that make all our efforts supremely worthwhile. We at SIS, follow a rigorous academic program combined with co-curricular and extracurricular activities thereby ensuring that the students passing out from our school have an edge over the others to face the challenges in the world and prove to be worthwhile global citizens.

Our Mission:

  1. Applied knowledge
  2. Standard global education practices
  3. Values, principle, and ethos
  4. Best Team With the best theme
  5. Practicing to keep a Healthy and positive Mind, Body, and soul
  6. Following the latest Ed Tech Trend
  7. Covering Top to Bottom of the pyramid
  8. Continuous Evaluation, Engagement and training to Student, Teachers, Management and Parents

Why Choose SIS?

  • Experienced Leadership
  • A Culture of High Aspiration
  • Inspirational Teachers
  • Global Learning Environment
  • Spiritual development
  • Channelizing Potential

Address: Front of Petrol Pump, Vanthali Rd , Junagadh, Gujarat, 1 - 362001 .


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